The War on Drugs: Oxytocin, Cultural Marxism vs. the West, and their Synthesis – Part 3


We may ask: who, in our new media narrative, is most encouraged towards self-love, acceptance and pride? The answer is those who form their identities on qualities of “otherness”. They are thus encouraged into increasing their self-identification as “other’ to secure narcissistic supply. This has been extended to pathological levels as younger generations seek to adjust to the expectations signalled to them. The more extreme their “otherness”, the more deserving of support our narrative appraises them. Children in whom competition has been stifled – everyone gets a trophy – nonetheless have an innate urge to compete, and to “win”. This has come to express itself in the bid for “moral superiority”. Absurd, even comical results follow. However, should you let slip any outward sign you find it funny, you’re instantly labelled a monster, and it’s open season for ruthless, socially-sanctioned attacks. These modern day witch hunts belie the true pirhana-tank underbelly of “progressivism”. You can almost hear the rubbing of hands when someone is deemed to have crossed the shifting line, and if you stand still too long, that line of “correctness” will slide right under your feet by itself. Increasingly, the line is retroactively adjusted, with the actions and attitudes of figures from the distant past ripped out of context and reinterpreted by the standards of the day.

The biggest hypocrisy is the implicit suggestion that all members of the so-called “privileged” group are summarily assumed to be incapable of self assessment, and roundly deserving of silencing. This is exactly the kind of bias the “fairness police” claim to be against. Up is indeed down. But moral relativism and end-justifies-means, zero-sum thinking are hallmarks of this ideological style.
Middle-class• straight “white” males are the umbrella identity group most openly and gleefully mocked today, and universally demonized – or at least groaned at – for expressing any form of pride or solidarity in their identity. In truth they were never a monolithic entity, always a mosaic of competing haplogroups and cultures; nonetheless they provide a convenient boogeyman upon whom everyone else can project their resentment.
Insofar as this is a group, it pretty much built modern Western Civilization, and did much of the dying last century defining and defending it, slaughtering itself by the millions at the bidding of competing power elites. So, why no sympathy for them? Because they signed up for it? “They were warlike”, some say. “Serves them right”.
But this is a simplistic – and hubristic – dismissal, so typically tossed over the shoulder by righteousness addicts who have always taken their freedoms for granted. How exactly were all those well-meaning, but ultimately gullible, middle-class Caucasian men from neighbouring states compelled to kill each other en masse? Seems kind of… well, oppressive…
They were told, using freshly minted propaganda techniques, that their participation was needed to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. And they believed. Their sense of duty was appealed to: their loyalty, based on oxytocin expression, was used against them for the so-called “greater good”. This is how they were able to form heroic bonds of brotherhood, willingly place their lives on the line. endure pain, and face down fear itself: it was for their people.
As (((Stanley Milgram)))’s experiment demonstrated, they abdicated their personal responsibility to higher authority. Oxytocin played a big role in that.
And so the lies of today – that middle-class, straight white males are the problem – are precisely backwards from the truth of history. Those who look like the humans who were sacrificed for the cushy existence of today’s entitled “social justice warriors” are now blamed for their inevitable, engineered unhappiness.
Meanwhile, campaigns of dominance and acquisition continue unabated, inflicting devastation and suffering across the globe on a scale beyond measurement using any Western-calibrated yardstick of fussy “equality”. Designated outgroups are still strategically dehumanized to cement sentiment, while domestically, increasing surveillance and brutality erode from under us the precious rights and freedoms so many died so recently to preserve. Crises are created (or allowed to happen), and then managed, filtered and massaged, our tantrums shushed. Coverage is infotainment, and rife with misdirection.
The reason why established powers are pushing people in the West towards stunted and dysfunctional oxytocin expression is this: when they form strong ingroup bonds with moral solidarity, they quickly become healthy blocks of social influence, and much more difficult to control. This threatens entrenched interests who have grown accustomed to and feel entitled to the continuous flow of our blind consent. That’s why historically, they’ve sought to tear men from their families and pit them against one another. even men so genetically similar as neighbouring Europeans: to cull them, and any threats to power that arise from a lower level of the pyramid.
Effectively, an echo of human sacrifice by the priest-class.
To maintain supremacy, and perhaps in a tentative step towards curtailing large-scale physical barbarity, their new goal is to prevent in-group autonomy from forming by impeding our innate social urges, and isolating us into narcissistic, distracted, anxious individuals, splintered inside, bitterly fighting each other over petty, magnified differences, and vainly seeking external validation. Where our natural bonds persist, they seek to mediate and surveil them through communication technologies, and commoditize them at every possible stage. Our trust. loyalty, and life’s output can then be accreted to the state/banking/media/academic/corporate superstructure. Through this apparatus and its codes of behaviour, we are told what to believe, what to think, what we should desire, and what we’re allowed to say aloud if we wish to keep our station. They’ve encoded cultural killswitches in our cerebral cortices, interfering with our self-integration, and signal-jamming our connection with our own deep, ancient limbic drives.
It feels good to be a part of something bigger than oneself, something one believes in. This is completely natural: we’re social animals. We seek a sense of purpose. and groups of people with hearts and minds aligned can move mountains. They know this, and seek to dictate to us exactly what we may feel good being a part of, so our energies can be funnelled to their ends.
They are literally trying to hijack our physiology from the inside out.

The singular collective hallucination working to steadily undermine oxytocin (which is nothing more than organic, spontaneous bonding and cooperation) as the primary means of ordering culture and mobilizing human activity is debt-based currency.
The transfer and concentration of “wealth” that has accelerated recently, supported by the machinations described here, has been unprecedented. However, money is still nothing more than a symbol, even in its reduced form of easily-fudged ones and zeroes on computer drives. and its only value is what we collectively ascribe to it. It is merely representative of real trust. value, work, and assets. True wealth – beyond that of earth’s resources and the integrity of our environment – resides in our organic bonds, and its source is our primordial will to survive. The entrenched powers seek to prune. mow. and uproot our natural bonds so they can supplant them with monetary-based ones that increase their leverage.

Surely by now you’ve figured out that the debt owed to private interests by your country will never be paid off. It rockets higher each year, long ago surpassing escape velocity. while you and your fellow citizens grow less and less capable of ever covering your share. This isn’t simply a counting exercise: it is a means of enslavement. Those who hold this debt don’t want it paid off; it’s an impossibility by design. All they care is that you remain in bondage and your children are born into it. It matters not what the numbers are: step back and look at the arrangement. This is a project of human domestication and farming.
Debt is fake money, which will never translate into tangible value for anyone except those who hold it and manage to keep convincing the rest of us it’s real. This social obligation is replacing oxytocin as the new mediator of human enterprise, and increasingly, opinion. Our petri dish of earth is rapidly filling up, and the promises we’re making to the future grow more mathematically unfulfillable every day. Without the upwards pressure of population growth, a shift is required, so our Deus ex Machina is arriving as fast as it can be invented. A massive campaign, well underway now, is pushing human evolution away from oxytocin-mediated ingroup trust, and towards the myth of “In God we Trust”, and our dependence on the techno-social edifice that supports it.
Ultimately, its architects seek to channel our religious instincts to themselves. They want our souls. The easiest way for them to do this is to standardize us: culturally (through the flattening effects Cultural Marxism and corporate consumerism), genetically (through accelerating race-mixing), and sexually (through postgenderism: sculpting our physiology and attitudes to make women more masculine and men more feminine).
If you notice that this standardization is acutely antithetical to actual diversity, congratulations: it is the point at which Divide and Conquer transmutes into Unite and Rule. and the frog is considered boiled.
On this, the Neo-Marxists of the Radical Left (and their useful idiots in Media and Academia) and the Neoconservative Imperialist Right (with their own stooges and goons of Corporatism and the burgeoning global Police State) appear to reach complete and total agreement.

Open your eyes to our new landscape: Unfettered hegemony for the few, and “equality” – doublespeak for blind servitude – for everyone else.

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  1. This would be honestly a good essay if you wern’t a Socialist Nazi fuckface. Good points brought up all around and I WILL be using those Wojaks lmao. Still a decent read.

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