The Haggening

It’s Happening

Old Hags are screaming in fear: A Man Just Created an App to Remove Makeup from Women’s Photos. MakeApp let’s you remove the Makeup from a womans’s Photo and discover the hag behind it. It’s thats simply and really happening.

As you can see it depends on the woman.

MakeApp Makeup removal brintey spearsMakeApp Makeup removal jenniger lawrenceMakeApp Makeup removal emma watson

What I really like is how they mention all the time that the creator of the app Gabrelyanov is a Russian-Kremlin-linked propagandist 😀

I love how they literally don’t understand that it’s a computer algorithm. It’s like witchcraft to them. They tailor the input and abuse the limits to get negative results and then say that the whole thing is a fraud.

bear makeapp makeup removed

Roasties on suicide watch

Men love it while Women hate it. Butthurt incoming. They are rationalizing their jealousy.

Woman compailns about MakeApp


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