Soy Boy made the news

Media is  excited by their latest discovery – the “soy boy” phenomenon. Read what they think about it.

Will Sommer : How “soy boy” became the far right’s favorite new insult

Remember “cuck”? For a while in 2016, it seemed like all anyone on the right could talk about was cuckservatives, who was cucking out, and so on.

Well, readers, I’m here to tell you that cuck’s time in the sun as the right’s go-to insult is over. Rising fast to replace it: “soy boy.”

The Roastie Rachel Ross titles SOY BOY: What is this new online insult used by the far right?:

There’s nothing manlier than dairy, right? What could be a better display of masculinity than downing a pint of whole milk?

This is the bizarre thinking behind the far right’s new favourite insult: “soy boy”.

The neckbeard Chris Ceasar writes How “Soy boy” became the alt-rights favorite new insult:

If you’re a left-leaning, liberal or even vaguely non-Nazi male-identifying person with opinions online, you’ve probably been called all sorts of too-nerdy-to-actually-be-offensive names: “cuck,” “beta,” “white knight,” “pajama boy.” The alt-right — that loosely organized collective of white nationalists and trolls — certainly has a knack for branding.

So, the whole “soy milk gives men breasts” thing is bullshit, right?
Totally. That’s pretty well-established. The case referenced in Allsup’s video was an isolated incident about a man who drank nearly a gallon of soy milk a day.



Nothing to see here guys. Go eat your soy.

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