How to identify a Soy Boy

Being a S O Y B O Y is obviously not good. How to find out if you are one? Check if these characteristics apply to you.


  • has beard and/or glasses
  • 20-30 years old
  • commonly prematurely balding
  • white knight with white guilt
  • trendy, very active on Twitter
  • favorite method of activism is complaining
  • uses words like “problematic”
  • donates to at least one Patreon female
  • jumps to any woman’s defense on the internet despite not
  • ever receiving any rewards or personal benefits
  • submissive, passive, boring but outspoken
  • attempted tobe an indie dev at some point (evidenced by
    pix el art avatars)
  • more functional in society than average beta males
  • one step above fedora lords
  • think they are all unique individua ls despite looking exactly
    the same
  • Twitter bio and Tinder bio are identical
  • will take his wife’s last name

Example usage: Hey, did you see a ll those nu-males giving Brianna Wu money?


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