The Haggening

It’s Happening

Old Hags are screaming in fear: A Man Just Created an App to Remove Makeup from Women’s Photos. MakeApp let’s you remove the Makeup from a womans’s Photo and discover the hag behind it. It’s thats simply and really happening.

As you can see it depends on the woman.

MakeApp Makeup removal brintey spearsMakeApp Makeup removal jenniger lawrenceMakeApp Makeup removal emma watson

What I really like is how they mention all the time that the creator of the app Gabrelyanov is a Russian-Kremlin-linked propagandist 😀

I love how they literally don’t understand that it’s a computer algorithm. It’s like witchcraft to them. They tailor the input and abuse the limits to get negative results and then say that the whole thing is a fraud.

bear makeapp makeup removed

Roasties on suicide watch

Men love it while Women hate it. Butthurt incoming. They are rationalizing their jealousy.

Woman compailns about MakeApp


Feminization of the White Male: How to stop drinking from the poisoned well

0. Some Background

As you folks have probably noticed, a new species of White Male made an appearance in the 21st century. Paraded as the “modern man”, this species, despite outwardly possessing male genitalia, exhibits prominent feminine features: high-pitched voices, little to no body hair, low muscle mass, round flabby faces, scrawny limbs, thin necks, wide hips and sometimes even semi-developed breasts. Femininity is not limited to physical appearance, however – the “modern man” is soft, emotional, sensitive, passive-aggressive, cowardly and extremely submissive. Some of us call members of this species “nu-males”, the less polite among us call them cucks and faggots, while in Russia they are known as having “never lifted anything heavier than a dick”. They are the eloi of the 21st century – a weak, bumbling, narcissistic breed, consumed by petty distractions and utterly worthless.

A typical nu-male also named cuck or soy boy
A typical nu-male also named cuck or soy boy

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How to identify a Soy Boy

Being a S O Y B O Y is obviously not good. How to find out if you are one? Check if these characteristics apply to you.


  • has beard and/or glasses
  • 20-30 years old
  • commonly prematurely balding
  • white knight with white guilt
  • trendy, very active on Twitter
  • favorite method of activism is complaining
  • uses words like “problematic”
  • donates to at least one Patreon female
  • jumps to any woman’s defense on the internet despite not
  • ever receiving any rewards or personal benefits
  • submissive, passive, boring but outspoken
  • attempted tobe an indie dev at some point (evidenced by
    pix el art avatars)
  • more functional in society than average beta males
  • one step above fedora lords
  • think they are all unique individua ls despite looking exactly
    the same
  • Twitter bio and Tinder bio are identical
  • will take his wife’s last name

Example usage: Hey, did you see a ll those nu-males giving Brianna Wu money?


Soy Boy made the news

Media is  excited by their latest discovery – the “soy boy” phenomenon. Read what they think about it.

Will Sommer : How “soy boy” became the far right’s favorite new insult

Remember “cuck”? For a while in 2016, it seemed like all anyone on the right could talk about was cuckservatives, who was cucking out, and so on.

Well, readers, I’m here to tell you that cuck’s time in the sun as the right’s go-to insult is over. Rising fast to replace it: “soy boy.”

The Roastie Rachel Ross titles SOY BOY: What is this new online insult used by the far right?:

There’s nothing manlier than dairy, right? What could be a better display of masculinity than downing a pint of whole milk?

This is the bizarre thinking behind the far right’s new favourite insult: “soy boy”.

The neckbeard Chris Ceasar writes How “Soy boy” became the alt-rights favorite new insult:

If you’re a left-leaning, liberal or even vaguely non-Nazi male-identifying person with opinions online, you’ve probably been called all sorts of too-nerdy-to-actually-be-offensive names: “cuck,” “beta,” “white knight,” “pajama boy.” The alt-right — that loosely organized collective of white nationalists and trolls — certainly has a knack for branding.

So, the whole “soy milk gives men breasts” thing is bullshit, right?
Totally. That’s pretty well-established. The case referenced in Allsup’s video was an isolated incident about a man who drank nearly a gallon of soy milk a day.



Nothing to see here guys. Go eat your soy.